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In Raleigh,  Most network broadcast towers are broadcasting in UHF carriers excpt for ABC 11 is still in VHF.  A High Gain UHF Antenna is perferable for the triangle area.

DIRECTV satellites are located South West over Texas and Mexico looking from NC.  Generally 220-258 deg.SW with a compass and 38-45 elevation. Use this for surveying.

FYI-For KU FTA, Dishnet, and all Hughes feeds also located over Texas and Mexico at 198-270 deg SW and between 26- 50deg elevation.


With the increasing popularity of home satellite television, conflicts are bound to arise between prospective dish users, regulations, and restrictive covenants that prohibit satellite dishes. In anticipation of these conflicts, and to facilitate competition between cable television providers and satellite television providers, Congress included a provision in the 1996 Telecommunications Act (Act) that directed the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to promulgate rules that would regulate the use of direct-to-home satellite dishes. Telecommunications Act of 1996, § 207, PL 104-104, 110 Stat 56, February 8, 1996.

The FCC responded by enacting 47 CFR § 1.4000. Under these new rules, private restrictions against satellite receivers that are less than one meter in diameter are presumptively unreasonable and prohibited, unless the restriction has either a clearly defined and valid safety objective or is necessary to preserve a recognized historic district. Even if the regulation serves one of these two purposes, the restriction may be only as burdensome as is necessary to achieve the allowed purpose. The restriction is prohibited only to the extent that it impairs a person's use of a particular type of receiver. A restriction is said to impair installation, maintenance or use of an antenna if it delays or prevents these actions, unreasonably increases the cost of these actions, or precludes reception of an acceptable quality signal. See 47 CFR § 1.4000. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief look at the law prior to the Act, and then to analyze the impact and possible future effects of the 1996 FCC rule.

Repairs on Televisions should be done by an authorized repair tech. There are high voltages that remain charged inside capacitors on the boards.  Lack of knowedge of how to handle these boards could result in getting shocked.

This is true, However, Not always for the reasons you think.  Capacitors are rated by voltage and Fareds and are usually spec-out by the energy consumption during normal oporation.

Here's the problem they can fail for number of reasons;

Voltages can be irratic off the street can vary during bad weather, irratic when sharing electrical appliances such as portable air conditioners and refridgerators that have a compressor and Irratic when hooking up generators.  These devices are know to spike voltages causing capacitor damage.

The equipment has reached its end off life.  Capacitors have liquid in them and it evapoartes after many years with use. Most electronics should last 5-12 years based on the temperature of the equipment. The hotter the electronics the fast the liquid evaporates from the capacitors.

The temperature of electronics can very from enviroments.  Things like dust clogging vents, Equipment placed too close to fireplaces or heaters, euipment placed in cubbies that surround the device can all directly impact the rate of heat dispursion inside a electronic piece of equipment and shorten the life of a capacitor.

The manufacture could have used the wrong values in there circuit

The load that the circuit carries has increased due to the deteriation of other elecronics in the equipment. example: Plasma panels can cause power supplies to blow caps when panel dies.

There is Mercury, Lead, and Electrolytic liquid in all Circuit boards inside LCD TV's.  Do not Burn...

Best to turn into recycling center

CRT TV's have LEAD incased inside the screen.  There is Mercury inside circuit boards

Most TV's are now coming equipped with Fiber link audio connectors requiring a fiber out cable.  The problem most people are running into is that the surround is RCA left and right.

The sollution is a "optical converer" It has a fiber to analog audio conversion allowing you to connect RCA cables to your surround ayatem.

You can check your remote control with your cell phone video camera.

Aim your remote into your camera while looking at the camera.  You should see a purple beam comming from the end of your remote while your holding down the power button. This will tell you that your batteries are good and your problem is with the TV.

NO, Antennas are typically built in one plane allowing signal to enter from the front and back with high gain on front and back and conciderable signal drop off on the side lobes.  

Using 2 high gain antennas perpendicular to each other gets a omni directional setup for those tricky installs

There are Omni Directional antennas, however, they are not high gain. They are typlically used on campers that are not stationary.

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