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LG Pro:Centric --------------------- TV System Integrator!

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Antenna Store. Electronics and much more! 
The new Teleray system is safe and easy to use by patients and Senior Living Residents to stay connected with friends and families, or telehealth visits. Keeps healthcare workers safe by giving them an alternative to using their personal devices to assist residents and patients with video calls to home. 
  Let us diagnose and repair your TV. We repair all brands.
Let us set you up a new MATV or SMATV DIRECTV system for your Hospital, Hotel, Condo, Apartmant, and Large Complexes. We offer a wide selection of TV distribution methods. We can help you setup a TV distribution system ready to handle todays Television Infrastructure. We design, install, and service, a complete turnkey solution.
Capacitors, Transistors, Resistors, Diodes, Transformers, Switches We have breadboards for your home project.  Soldering tools and much more!

Services We Provide

  • LG Pro:Centric TV integrator for Multi-TV facilities

  • Factory Authorized TV repair on all major brands

  •  DIRECTV Sales, Installation, and Service for Bars, Resturants, Hospitals, Hotels, and Dr. Offices

  •  HDTV off-air antenna installation and service

  •  RF Television cable distribution installations for TV, Data, and Fiber

  •  Data System Service and Upgrades

  •  C-band and KU-band-fixed and steerable dish satellite installation and service

  •  Structured CAT5 & CAT6 cabling, Computer networking, Fiber networking

  •  Television mounting solutions for LED LCD, LCD, and Plasma

  •  Channel upgrades/additions to existing television headend systems

  •  Commercial L-Band Satellite SiriusXM radio cabling in Hospitals and Nursing  homes, Bars,  Restaurants, and Dr. Offices 

  •  Hard-line semiflex retrofits or splicing

  •  MATV installations and off-air antenna Installation and reception  improvements

  •  VSAT satellite installation or service

  •  Video Messenger readers and graphic channels for Avaline and Magic box

  •  Pre-installation and pre-upgrade surveys

  •  Audio Recording Services
  •  AV Rental and Setup
  •  CAD Drawings, Digital photos

  •  Service contracts

  •  Diagnostic equipment including satellite meters, RF signal strength meters,  spectrum  analyzers and data analyzers

  •  HIPPAA Certified & Fully insured!

  •  Multiple service and installation teams with equipped vans

  •  Digital Mastering


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