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The new Teleray system is safe and easy to use by patients and Senior Living Residents to stay connected with friends and families, or telehealth visits. Keeps healthcare workers safe by giving them an alternative to using their personal devices to assist residents and patients with video calls to home. 
  Let us diagnose and repair your TV. We repair all brands.
Let us set you up a new MATV or SMATV DIRECTV system for your Hospital, Hotel, Condo, Apartmant, and Large Complexes. We offer a wide selection of TV distribution methods. We can help you setup a TV distribution system ready to handle todays Television Infrastructure. We design, install, and service, a complete turnkey solution.
Capacitors, Transistors, Resistors, Diodes, Transformers, Switches We have breadboards for your home project.  Soldering tools and much more!

Electronic Repair

Most TVs today are repairable.  The question on everyones mind is "IS IT WORTH IT?".  Of course, the answer is ultimately your decision, but when we help answer that question, we take several things into consideration:

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 1) The type of set - Is is CRT, Rear Projection (3 gun), Rear Projection (DLP), LCD, or LED LCD.

     > Most customers feel that the flatter the set, the more they want to repair it.
     > Dated Technology, meaning that the tuner in the set is NTSC analog and would require an additional converter
        box ,or the audio/video processing board only has a DVI-720p resolution connector and you are receiving, and
        often paying for, 1080i signal.
     > Part availability can be a problem for older sets for which the manufacturer does not have parts on hand.

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2) The screen size of the set - Generally, the larger the set, the more customers feel it is worth repairing.

3) The brand of the set - Generally, the better the brand, the better the warranty and parts availability.

4) The features of the set - The more features, the more economical the set is to repair.  Is the set a smart TV with internet access? How many HDMI
    and other ports does it have? Can you connect it to your PC? Do you just really like your set and don't want to have to learn to use another one?

Bringing your TV to us will help you better understand where your TV is on the evolutionary scale.  All repairs require a bench fee at drop off of the set.  We will then diagnose the set and give you an estimate on the final repair balance. Total repair cost generally runs between $200 and $300, but can be less or more depending on what your set needs.  After you receive our estimate, YOU DECIDE whether you would like to proceed with the repair.

Please Note - We CANNOT repair LCD or plasma television panels, meaning the screen itself.  Cracked panels are not fixable.  Although they can be replaced, typically the panel cost itself will surpass the price of a new set.

 What We Repair: 
  • Power Supplies
  • Some Main Boards
  • Stuck DVD's
  • Bad Audio
  • Sizing and Alignments



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