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Backlight Failure Can be partial or full failure Check the backlight supply voltage (refer to service manual) If supply voltage is present, use a flashlight behind the television and shine a light through the panel. If the video is working you will see
Don't forget to pull the TV away from the wall and vacum the vents. Other electronics to clean- laptop computers fans, Printers, Stereo Recievers vents. Always pay attention to Blocking vents on ANY electronic device.  Stacking units like a DVR ontop of a Reciever will also overheat the unit   Don't forget to pull the TV away from the wall and vacum the vents.
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TV & Electronics Repair Policy

TV & Electronics Repair Policy

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We are pleased that you have requested ElecTech Services, Inc. to service your television or electronic equipment.
Please do not hesitate to ask for clarification on our policies and procedures - we are here to serve you.


  Small Electronics   TV
In Shop or Onsite - First Hour, Non-refundable $45  $75
Insurance Estimate & Evaluation Form $45  $75
Additional Hours (In Shop and Onsite) $45/hr  $45
Parts Additional  


 Zone A  8-15mi Residential - Each Trip  $45
  Commercial - Each TV (Per TV, 2 TV Min)  $20
Zone B 16-30mi Residential - Each Trip  $59
  Commercial - Each TV (Per TV, 2 TV Min)  $20
 Zone C  31-45mi Residential - Each Trip  $79
  Commercial - Each TV (Per TV, 2 TV Min)  $40


De-installation or  Re-installation (see below) $45 minimum each 
 Related Service(Cabling, connectivity, Installation, etc)  $85/hr (1/2 hr min)
 Re-stocking fee (Showroom sales; Special orders)  25%
 Storage Fee(Starts 10 days after repair completion)  $2/day
Disposal/Recycling(No non-DLP rear projection TVs) FREE



1.      Transport in the original factory box is highly recommended. If you request or allow ElecTech staff to assist in unloading or loading your unit, ElecTech shall be held harmless for any damage sustained to the unit or your vehicle during the process.

2.      Customers are notified when repair is complete.  Items left over 10 days after repair completion notification or refusal of the final esti.mate are subject to a $2/day Maintenance/Storage Fee for up to 30 days.

3.      Items left over 7 days without payment of the bench fee or over 30 days after repair completion notification or notification of the final repair estimate will be considered abandoned and become the property of ElecTech Services, Inc.  No other notification is required.



1.      Pickup and return delivery of sets are optional services and additional charges apply.

2.      Please have your set removed from the wall and know your system set up to avoid extra charges for additional services:

          - De-installation and/or re-installation of your TV from locations above shoulder height or requiring more than one person;
          - Reconnecting/Configuring the TV to other system components except as necessary to show you that the set is operational;
          - Moving large sets on staircases; Service may be limited to items located on the first floor of your home.

3.      When possible, please provide the original packaging and carton for your TV to minimize incidental scuffs, scratches or damage during transport.  We are not responsible for minor scuffs that may occur while the TV is in our possession.

4.      Please take the necessary precautions to protect carpet or furnishings during pickup/delivery.


1.      The first-hour bench/diagnostic fee is due in advance and is non-refundable, as are all other labor and travel fees.

2.      No "completed by" date is promised because many factors affecting repair time are beyond our control (e.g., part shipping time).

4.      If the need for additional parts or labor beyond the initial estimate renders the repair uneconomical, you may abort the repair with no additional charges due.   Please consider leaving your unit with us for recycling to help offset our incurred costs.

5.      If you abort the repair for any reason after approving the total estimated charges, you will be charged a 25% re-stocking fee on the approved parts.  This fee may be waived if you donate your unit for recycling (LCD sets only).

6.      Our cleaning of your unit, including removal of dirt & smudges from the screen & cabinet, may reveal signs of pre-existing damage or wear & tear such as scratches and/or scuffs on the screen, trim or stand that were not noted at the beginning of the repair and agree to hold ElecTech harmless if these items are noticed after the repair.

7.      Due to steps taken during diagnostics and component-level service, unrepaired items may not be returned to you in the same working condition as received.  This includes multi-function combo units.

8.      Lamps purchased over-the-counter may be returned within 3 days with a 25% restocking fee.  However, any fee paid for lamp installation into your housing is not refundable.  The lamp restocking fee will be waived if the set is brought in for shop service

         and a bench fee paid at drop off.  The money paid for the lamp will be kept on account until the end of the repair and applied toward charges for the completed repair.  Lamps found to be blown or damaged are non-refundable.  If the repair becomes uneconomical (see item above), you will be refunded all money paid for the lamp.

9.      Agreeing to this policy includes opting-in to our email marketing program. You may unsubscribe at any time.


1.      Residential customers are required to pay first hour diagnostic and travel fees in advance of the repair unless we have confirmation that  the repair will be paid for by a warranty provider with whom we have a business relationship.

       Any balance due at repair completion is payable upon return of the set to the customer. Our returned check fee is $25.00.

2.      Commercial customers may be extended Net terms if backup credit card & complete Accounts Payable information is on file.

         a.  Customer may be asked to authorize and/or pay for parts in advance of the parts order.

         b.  Customer agrees that the final repair balance including any storage or restocking fees may be billed to any credit/debit card used to pay upfront fees.  Our returned check fee is $25.00.


1.      Manufacturer/Third-Party/Extended Warranty

         a.  We are a factory authorized service center for several TV brands.  Warranty work will be conducted and charges assessed according to the terms of the manufacturer warranty and the process directed by the manufacturer or other provider.

         b.  A copy of the bill of sale & any 3rd-party or extended warranty must be provided in advance of any warranty service.

         c.  Customer is responsible for all repair and travel charges not covered by the manufacturer.

         d.  Customer will be notified if the repair is determined to be for an issue not covered by the manufacturer warranty or if the warranty is found to be void for any reason.  In this case, the warranty company will be notified and the customer will be responsible for paying the first hour diagnostic fee and any additional fees approved during the remainder of the non-warranty repair.

2.      ElecTech Services, Inc. Warranty
        a.  If a purchased television part fails due to a factory defect during the manufacturer or vendor's warranty period,

              (generally 90 days but may vary) no additional part or labor charges will apply to replace the part in our shop.  However, Shipping and Handling charges not covered by the manufacturer/vendor may apply.  Applicable travel charges will apply.

         b.  Only parts included on the initial invoice are covered under this warranty.  If other parts break down due to use, age, or any other reason beyond our control, they will be replaced and the regular rates for parts, labor and travel will apply.

         c.  The following repairs are not warranted at all:
               - DLP TV lamps that are broken, shattered, blown, or do not appear brand new are not warranted or accepted for return
               - Out of circuit component replacement where the circuit board was provided without the original TV or equipment item
               - General cleaning and preventive maintenance
               - Repair for intermittent symptoms (if the problem is not apparent and consistent, it cannot be properly diagnosed).

TV Initial Check-In Condition
Remote Control left at ET                          Y  /  N
2    AC power cord left at ET                          Y  /  N
3    Wall Mount rails left at ET                       Y  /  N
4    Stand/base left on TV                               Y  /  N
5    Connector/buttons missing/broken          Y  /  N


     I have read and agree to the above policy:
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                                                                                      Customer Email Addressû_______________________________  

Thank you for your patronage - We look forward to working with you!



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